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Phase I & II Environmental Assessment

EPAC has performed over  8500 different environmental projects. We understand your need for accurate, expedient and discrete environmental work. We are able to assess your property, provide laboratory analysis and explain any contingencies related to your site’s condition. EPAC has worked with every major lending institution for over 30 years and is uniquely positioned to communicate your situation to the lenders. We are also a state licensed and trained professional environmental business. Your ESA will be performed by our experienced staff of environmental professionals with a minimum of 10 years' experience. We are efficient, as we are well aware of your project's time sensitivity. 

Phase I Environmental Site Assesment 

The following represents the scope of the services EPAC normally performs as part of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. This scope of services is designed to conform to ASTM E1527-05 guidelines and to address any obvious environmental issues that might compromise the environmental integrity of the site.  Each project will be summarized in a narrative text form with both an executive summary and conclusions section.

The environmental audit will consist of the following steps:

  1. A review of Federal, State and local regulatory compliance.
  2. Identification and assessment of any potential contamination source areas.
  3. Examination of historical property use and ownership.
  4. A review of public records for environmental liens.
  5. Evaluation of hazardous substances utilized on site as well as proper storage and management (MSDS, manifests, etc.).
  6. Interview of neighboring site owners and/or tenants to evaluate potential liabilities that may result from peripheral operations.
  7. Comprehensive site inspection to identify and assess any possible chemical spills, poor housekeeping, underground storage tanks, etc.
  8. Identification of suspected asbestos-containing building materials.
  9. Assembly of the Phase I Environmental Audit Report.

Frequently Asked Questions for a Phase I ESA:

    • What properties need a Phase I ESA?

Commercial properties. When applying for a loan on a commercial property or re-financing, lenders will require a report to protect their interest in the property to assure there is no unacceptable risk of environmental liability.

  • What properties do not need a Phase I ESA?

Residential properties do not generally need a Phase I ESA unless there are special circumstances, such as an underground storage tank or a known spill that occurred in the past. Residential properties may also require a Phase I ESA if they are adjacent to a property with known or suspected contamination or other environmental condition.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

If a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment identifies potential hazardous substances, or if the interested parties are aware of existing contamination to the property, a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment is usually conducted to confirm the absence, or presence and extent of contamination. Phase II Environmental Site Assessments involve the collection and analysis of samples. These may include soil, groundwater, and surface water sampling in suspected areas. These samples are collected from borings or groundwater monitoring wells as well as subsurface soil samples and are collected, preserved, and shipped to a laboratory according to standard industry methods for analysis. The Phase II report includes data interpretation and a summary evaluation, as well as recommendations for remedial actions, if necessary.

phase I and phase II environmental assesment
Phase I & II Environmental Assessment
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