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Florida Environmental Consulting

Environmental consulting can take many forms from the simplest site inspection to the most sophisticated soil and groundwater remediation.  Consulting is one of EPAC’s specialties. Our cumulative education in constructing environmental assessments is over 45 years. Our clients find our advice to be professional and proficient.

Asbestos Surveys

Our asbestos surveys are customized to suit your development needs, from limited asbestos surveys to full demolition surveys.  An E.P.A. Accredited A.H.E.R.A. Inspector will secure bulk samples of suspect building materials for analysis of Asbestos Containing Building Materials for your project. Our summary report will detail our findings and provide recommendations in accordance with the code of the Federal Regulation Standards, 40 C.F.R., Part 763, Subpart E, Section 763. 80-763.99 and the State Asbestos Regulations, Florida Statutes 469.003.  If necessary, our full-service staff can provide asbestos abatement, remediation plans and project monitoring.

Mold Surveys

Our moisture and mold surveys are usually designed to identify the presence of fungal/bacterial growth.  Typically, we perform a site walk to identify and catalogue visible moisture impacts (such as water stains, visible fungal and/or bacterial growth) and surficial sampling (such as swab, tape-lift and bulk samples) to confirm the presence of fungal/bacterial growth.  We can also provide non-destructive or minimally destructive techniques (such as thermal imaging and moisture detection meters).  Our summary report will detail our findings and provide recommendations.  If necessary, our full-service staff can provide remediation plans, project monitoring and post-remediation assessments.

Emergency Response

EPAC has been called to answer emergency response spills for most of its 30 year history. Our specialized personnel are trained by the “OSHA” 40-hour health & safety course. We will respond to your call within 24 hours to minimize the damage and limit human exposure to hazardous materials.

Other aspects of environmental consulting are listed below:

  • Transaction Screen Process (TSP)
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Phase II Soil & Ground water Investigation
  • Remedial Action Plans
  • Remedial Implementation
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Initial Remedial Action
  • Contamination Assessments
  • Site Assessments
  • Expert Testimony

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