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Broward County Surface Water Management Licenses


The regulation and flow of surface water after a rainstorm in South Florida is very important. Broward County has a Water Resource Division with a Surface Water Management Program. They are responsible for licensing all construction of surface water management systems as required under Broward County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 27, Article V and Chapter 373, F.S.

The Water Resource Division’s mission is to protect the water resources of the County. In addition, they help protect property from flooding by responsible licensing, and they also encourage effective uses of our water resources.

History of Surface Water Management

Early developments in Broward County were built on filled wetlands with storm sewers or ditches draining directly from the streets to our local waterways. Houses and businesses often flooded and untreated storm runoff impacted water quality in our canals and rivers.

Today, regulatory criteria for surface water management systems serving developments are set up to provide adequate flood control (water quantity) and remove pollutants from storm runoff (water quality).

Surface water management (drainage) systems can contain the following:

  • Storm drains
  • Street gutters
  • Weirs
  • Sluice Gates
  • Dams
  • Pumps
  • Swales
  • French drains
  • Culverts
  • Drainage wells
  • Dry retention areas
  • Storm runoff treatment lakes or wetlands

Surface Water Management Licenses

Projects/properties with new surface water management systems or additions to the surface water management system are reviewed and licensed by Broward County. This helps make sure they meet the guidelines set forth in the County Ordinances and Florida Statutes.

These licenses are then renewed every five (5) years to make sure the systems are still functioning as originally licensed. This is to prevent flooding and maintain water quality by inspecting the drains (or whatever the surface water management system consists of) to be sure there is nothing impeding the system from working properly.

There are smaller drainage districts within Broward County that also have their own permitting program for surface water management systems. They have the same mission as Broward County and a five (5) renewal process.

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