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EPAC’s Certifications

As your environmental consulting company, it is important to show that we are a dedicated and professional team of experts who know exactly how to handle all of your concerns when it comes to your environment.

From mold and asbestos inspections to remedial engineering, and environmental drilling, we offer a variety of services that can make all the difference. As important evaluations and various procedures are being performed on your site, it is important that you are aware of the different licensing and certifications required to carry out such operations. Without these, the proper analysis and functioning of your site cannot be accomplished. Knowledge and expertise in the field of environmental consulting should be taken very seriously, and not everyone may be trusted.

EPAC Environmental Services, Inc has all the certifications and licenses necessary to do a phenomenal job for your site. Whether you need a Phase I, Phase II, or both, you can count on us for all your needs.

EPAC Environmental Services, Inc holds the following licenses and certifications:

Pollutant Storage System Contractor

This license qualifies us to install, remove, maintain, extend, and alter aboveground and underground fuel oil, chemical, and gasoline pollutant storage tanks and appurtenances, piping, and pumps.

According to the Florida Licensing Law, a Pollutant storage systems contractor means, “a contractor whose services are limited to, and who has the experience, knowledge, and skill to install, maintain, repair, alter, extend, or design, when not prohibited by law, and use materials and items used in the installation, maintenance, extension, and alteration of, pollutant storage tanks.”

General Contractor

A Florida General Contractor’s License enables a contractor to build, repair, or renovate any type of building, irrelevant of the type of use or the number of floors. General contractors in Florida have permission to engage in every form of construction such as concrete, framing, structural steel, painting, and tiling. However, major specialties such as electrical, mechanical, plumbing and roofing are not included in this type of contracting.

Professional Geologist

This certificate is given to those who are experts and have passed the exam concerning fundamentals of geology and the practice of geology. A professional geologist license is mandatory as geologists perform services that directly impact the safety of the public. Geologists provide services such as protecting and managing groundwater, and other services that affect safety and health of the public.

Geology Business

As the primary goal of Florida geologists is to protect the public from unsafe conditions, any business associated with geology must have a license to confirm proper practice. The business or geology company must maintain certain standards and competence, such as promoting certain regulations while working.

Water Well Contractor

Florida’s Water Well Contractor’s License enables an individual to own and maintain a well drilling profession. It also allows you to operate a water well within the drilling business, obtain other required permits, build, repair, modulate or abandon wells, and hire drillers for your company.

To become a licensed water well contractor, the applicant must have at least two years of experience in water well construction or activity, and have experience in at least 10 different projects. The application also requires many prerequisites examinations and proof of experience or work.

Stormwater Management Inspector

This certificate enables individuals to have professional training, and expertise in the proper design, construction and maintenance of erosion and residue controls during construction to ensure suitable long-term procedure and maintenance.

When searching for an environmental consulting company, it is critical to find a team of professional and credible experts in the field. Without certificates and licenses, an individual has no proof that the team will do their job properly. Especially when it comes to public safety and performing procedures on your site, finding the right people will ensure that you are worry-free in the long run.

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