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Partner with EPAC Environmental Services, Inc. for Expert Environmental Solutions

As your environmental consulting partner, we pride ourselves on being a dedicated and professional team of experts who understand how to address all your environmental concerns with precision. From mold and asbestos inspections to remedial engineering and environmental drilling, our diverse range of services can make a significant difference for your project. It’s crucial to understand the importance of certifications and licenses required for such operations to ensure the proper analysis and functioning of your site.

EPAC Environmental Services, Inc. holds a comprehensive array of licenses and certifications necessary to deliver exceptional results for your site. With qualifications including a Pollutant Storage System Contractor license, General Contractor license, Professional Geologist certification, Geology Business license, Water Well Contractor license, and Stormwater Management Inspector certification, we have the expertise and credentials to meet all your environmental consulting needs.

When selecting an environmental consulting company, it’s vital to choose a team of professional and credible experts in the field. Without the appropriate certifications and licenses, there’s no assurance of proper job execution, especially concerning public safety and site procedures. By partnering with EPAC Environmental Services, Inc., you can rest assured that your environmental issues or concerns will be addressed effectively and efficiently, ensuring peace of mind in the long run.

Our Key Services for Environmental Sustainability

At EPAC Environmental Services, Inc., our environmental engineering and consulting services are designed to provide expert guidance and solutions for environmental compliance, assessments, and management. We apply engineering principles to offer expert guidance and solutions for environmental compliance, assessments, and management, ensuring our approaches are grounded in scientific and engineering fundamentals to protect human health and improve environmental conditions.

Whether you need assistance with regulatory compliance or environmental assessments, our team of professionals is here to help. With decades of experience in the environmental consulting industry, we ensure that our clients receive accurate and thorough support tailored to their specific needs.

Construction Consulting

EPAC Environmental Services, Inc. has evolved into a leading environmental construction company renowned for its experience and reputation in the industry. Our team comprises seasoned project leaders and technicians committed to delivering exceptional construction services. As a full-service company, EPAC Environmental Services, Inc. offers comprehensive solutions for every aspect of your construction project, including assessing the environmental impact of proposed construction projects during the planning stages.

As a state-licensed General Contractor (CGC060866), EPAC Environmental Services, Inc. has over 30 years of experience in providing construction services. Our diverse portfolio includes projects ranging from redesigning stormwater retention systems to overseeing the complete rebuild of marina projects. With our expertise and dedication to excellence, we ensure the successful execution of every project we undertake.

Civil and Environmental Engineering Services

Our environmental engineering services at EPAC Environmental Services, Inc. offer tailored solutions for environmental projects, including innovative designs and custom-built systems to address specific client needs. With our expertise in civil engineering and commitment to quality and compliance, we ensure that your environmental engineering projects are executed with precision and efficiency.

Our environmental engineering programs focus on areas such as hydrology, water resources management, environmental chemistry, and advanced air and water treatment technologies, highlighting our role and the specialized areas of focus within our company’s environmental engineering services.

From initial planning to final implementation, our environmental engineers are here to provide the expertise and support you need to achieve your environmental goals. It’s important to note that becoming a proficient environmental engineer often requires a degree from an abet accredited engineering program, especially for those looking to fulfill state licensure criteria.

Fuel Tank Services and Environmental Impact Assessment

EPAC Environmental Services, Inc. specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for fuel tank installation, maintenance, and rentals. From above-ground to below-ground systems, we offer expert services to ensure that your fuel storage infrastructure meets all necessary regulations and standards. Our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions to help you maintain a safe and compliant fuel storage environment.

For top-tier environmental solutions, trust EPAC Environmental Services, Inc. Serving clients since 1987, we offer exceptional environmental engineering services tailored to our client’s needs. Reach out to us at (954) 974-7055 or email [email protected] to get started today.

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