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Sabal Ridge Apartments in Boca Raton

Sabal Ridge Apartments in Boca Raton were fortunate to hire EPAC for their project management. EPAC was able to provide this form of management for the objectives of removing a 500-gallon original fuel tank. They were able to finally replace this fuel tank with a new fireguard 500-gallon above ground tank. These changes were able to drastically increase efficiency and function for the entire building.

A storage tank is also known as confined fixed structure, designed to store regulated materials. Storage tanks are typically made from materials including metals, fiber plastics, and even concrete.

Storage tanks, also called, “reservoirs” usually hold substances such as liquids, compressed gases, or materials used for short-term or long-term storage of heat or cold. They are available in many shapes and are conveniently designed for environmental regulations or functions.

Sabal Ridge Tank 2

Sabal Ridge Tank 1

Tanks are usually divided into two main categories, which depend on their location:

Above-ground Storage Tanks (AST): Less than ten percent beneath the ground.

Underground Storage Tanks (UST): 10 percent or more is buried beneath the ground.

Given this type of work can highly influence apartments and apartment owners/renters, EPAC made sure to take this into account. While the tank was being changed out, the apartments were never left without backup power.  EPAC made sure of this ensured and provided them with their 500-gallon rental tank to provide fuel to the generator. This was a temporary initiative until the new tank was in place and was an effective way to prevent any inconvenience.

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