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Playboy Marina, Dania Beach, FL:

Playboy Marina Improvements: Removal of Underground Storage Tank & Installation of Aboveground Storage Tanks

playboy marina improvements

The Playboy Marina made the right decision when choosing EPAC for new installations and improvements. EPAC was responsible for all components of removing an underground diesel storage tank, including the excavation, obtaining permits, sampling, and closure reports.

The Removal Process

The standard underground storage tank removal procedure consists of a few steps. First, it is necessary to notify the state and local governments of the removal. This must be done at least 30 days prior to any action. There are also required qualifications for the contractor which vary depending on the state. By hiring a licensed contractor, you are ensuring that all proper permits are obtained, and all environmental regulations and safety rules are met before the excavation process.

removing underground fuel tank

It is crucial to remove all residual materials from the tank, as it can become hazardous. Appropriate disposal procedures must be followed as the waste may even be flammable. It is also important to inert the tank, as it ensures the mitigation of a potential explosion.

Once the excavation begins, the tank is officially cleaned, removed, and then prepared for disposal.

EPAC Management & Procedures

Project management of two above-ground diesel tanks included the coordination of the delivery and installation of the tanks and piping, registration of the tanks with the state of Florida, inspections, and installation of the required safety features.

installing aboveground fuel tanks in dania beach

EPAC was the general contractor coordinating and overseeing the refurbishment of the Playboy Marina. The extent of the work included engineering and design of the structural, electrical, water and fire suppression systems associated with the marina. It involved the lengthening of the travel lift system, widening the haul out slip, and dredging the marina. Dockside power was upgraded by installation of a new transformer. Environmental monitoring was conducted during in-water activities and those immediately adjacent to the marina waters for the avoidance and protection of endangered and threatened marine life.

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