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Fort Lauderdale Country Club:  Remediation of Arsenic Contamination

plantation florida arsenic contamination remediation
EPAC was able to successfully assist the Fort Lauderdale Country Club in the removal of arsenic contamination on the property.

Arsenic is a naturally occurring compound that can be found in both water and soil. While the inorganic form of arsenic is a lethal carcinogen, contact or ingestion of the organic form of arsenic can cause long-term health issues as well.

The extent of arsenic contamination was delineated via sampling of water and soils. A remediation plan was generated and approved by the State and County regulatory agencies.  

EPAC was then responsible for the general execution and management of all aspects, including accuracy, safety and liability for the entire excavation.

Due to the thorough and efficient cleanup conducted by EPAC professionals, the Country Club now has a “No Further Action” ruling by Broward County.

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Remediation of Arsenic Contamination

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